Meet Qvaring

At Qvaring we are a team of young Cuban entrepreneurs, committed to our global community and on the island.

Your communication needs are ours. Count on us to satisfy them.

By providing you with the cheapest, safest and easiest Recharges of all operators, with no commissions, we want to contribute to being more united and connected with our people in Cuba while we save you money.

With more accessible Recharges, Qvaring wants to facilitate your people greater access to Data and therefore more sources of information for your family and friends on the island.

Our 100% secure Top Up are bridges of communication, joy, and concern for our loved ones, that is why every day more people around the world and in Cuba trust Qvaring.

Our family and friends in Cuba need us as much as we need them. Join the Qvaring family and start Saving Money Now!